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Find the whole quantity if a 5% of it is 600 b 12% of its 1080. Largest Online Education Community

Wednesday, November 18th 2020.


Let us find the percentages of class 5, class 6, and class 7 children. By converting marks per hundred we can compare the marks and decide who did better. Radha’s expenditure is 20% of her income. If the income for next month is increased by 20%, and the amount of savings remains the same, then find the percentage increase in expenditure of Radha. You can display percent in several ways, such as 0.01 or 0.1 and also in fractional form. The AASOKA platform and app developed by MBD Group makes available to students high-quality study material in the form of e-books, audio lessons, video lessons and online assessments.

Out of the 100 children, 34 are from class 5, 26 from class 6 and 40 from class 7. So, we should convert the marks of Reeta and Anu per 100. We use the symbol % to represent a percentage. Percentage is a way to express any given number as a fraction of 100, i.e., the value in each 100. In our daily life, there are many situations where we need to compare two quantities. Win over the concepts of Percentage and get a step ahead with the preparations for Quantitative Aptitude with Testbook.


Interest on ₹100 for 1 year is known as the rate per cent per annum. All the children in class 7B are eagerly waiting for their test marks. The teacher comes to the class and announces that she is going to give the marks in the form of a ratio. Neha and Ajay get their marks. Let us find the fractions of class 5, class 6, and class 7 children.

In such cases, the buyer can reject the whole quantity of goods. When a buyer rejects the whole quantity of goods due to short delivery or excess delivery, it means that the contract still exists between the buyer and the seller. The contract can be treated as subsisting, which means that it is still in effect and the parties are still bound by its terms and conditions. Where P is principal, R is the rate of interest, T is time period. The interest-based only on the principal amount is called simple interest. In short, we write simple interest as SI.


Hence, ₹200 is the simple interest to be paid for the principal ₹2,000 for one year. The total money paid by the borrower at the end is called the amount. To the borrowed money at the end, we need to pay an extra amount that is called interest. Anu bought a crayon for ₹20 and made a loss of ₹4 by selling it at ₹16.

Convert the given decimal fractions to per cents. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths exercise 8.2 shows students the effective ways to compare quantities in a better way. This exercise focuses on the percentage, which is a top way of comparing quantities.

  • To understand who suffered more loss, we need to convert the loss into percentage.
  • There are 100 children in a library.
  • Percentage formula is defined as a number represented as fraction of 100.

Quantity of blending of cotton and polyster in a shirt is easy to understand in terms of percentage. As we know that if total number on adding does not give 100, then we convert the fraction to an equivalent fraction with denominator 100. Tell what is the profit or loss in the following transactions. Also find profit percent or loss percent in each case. Short delivery or excess delivery can happen due to various reasons such as miscommunication, error in calculation, or miscalculation of inventory.

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Convert the percentage to a fraction by dividing the percentage by 100. Reduce the fraction to the simplest form and remove the sign %. To express a given quantity as a percentage of a whole follow this strategy.

We should convert the marks into a percentage. A shopkeeper bought two TV sets at Rs 10,000 each. He sold one at a profit 10% and the other at a loss of 10%.

Download the PDF Question Papers Free for off line practice and view the Solutions online. You have heard the word percent on a broader level. In this session, you will learn how to find the whole quantity when a part and a percent is given. Displaying ads are our only source of revenue. To help Teachoo create more content, and view the ad-free version of Teachooo… Please purchase Teachoo Black subscription.

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For e.g., if you have taken a loan of ₹12,000 from a bank, to keep this money for two years, you must pay ₹1,000 for the first year and ₹1,000 for the second year. ₹2,000 is called simple interest. The money borrowed from a bank is called the principal or the sum.

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Hence, Anu had a better increase in the number of pencils. All of them tell Akshay that the percentage of girls is 48%. There are 100 children in a library.

Find the interest which will be received at end of two years. Fill the table and find the percentage of chips of each colour. If the buyer rejects the whole quantity of goods due to short delivery… A cupboard bought for Rs. 2,500 and sold at Rs. 3,000. A refrigerator bought for Rs. 12,000 and sold at Rs. 13,500.

In summary, when the buyer rejects the whole quantity of goods due to short delivery or excess delivery, the contract remains subsisting. This allows the seller to rectify the issue and provides both parties with the opportunity to fulfill their contractual obligations. If the issue cannot be resolved through mutual agreement, legal remedies may be sought to protect both parties’ interests. Interest is calculated as the percentage for a period of one year that is per annum.

We will notify on your mail & mobile when someone answers this question. To determine totals from a percent in the future, multiply the given percentage value by 100 and divide that product by the percent. This method works in any instance where a percentage and its value are given. A refrigerator bought for ₹12,000 and sold at ₹13,500. You have ₹2400 in your account and the interest rate is 5%. After how many years would you earn₹240 as interest.

Did you notice, all 3 of them have found the percentage in different methods? Hence, we can calculate the percentage in different methods and still arrive at the same result. To understand the growth of the company, we need to compare the growth from the previous years to the current year. For eg., to calculate the increase in the population of the country, we compare the population of the current year to the previous year.

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Can we say both suffered the same loss? To understand who suffered more loss, we need to convert the loss into a percentage. Percentages are widely used to compare different quantities. Watch the video to understand the need for percentages. Hint – In this question let the whole quantity be x. Use the constraint of question of 5% it being 600 by applying the percentage formula, and get the answer.

If the marks are in the form of percentage, it becomes easy to compare, so here we need to convert the ratio into a percentage for easier comparison. Note – In this question the key concept was of percentage formula. In simple words percent means per 100. To express a number between zero and one. Percentage formula is defined as a number represented as fraction of 100. Application of it while solving problems of such kinds is very helpful.

Also find profit per cent or loss per cent in each case. 60% voted ; means if there were 100 voters, out of them 60 voted and remaining did not vote. This means that if total population of city were 100, out of them 30 would be females and 40 males and remaining children. Convert the given fractional numbers to per cents. The population of a city decreased from 25,000 to 24,500.

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Who do you think did better in the find the whole quantity if, Reeta or Anu? Since Reeta scored 450 marks out of 600 and Anu scored 425 marks out of 500, can we say Reeta did better? No, we cannot decide who did better just by comparing their marks.

Let us understand how to convert the increase or decrease in a quantity into a percentage of the initial amount. To compare fractional numbers, we need a common denominator. We can convert the fractions into percentage. That is, to compare fractional numbers, we need a common denominator and we have seen that it is more convenient to compare if our denominator is 100.

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We calculate the profit or loss percentage on the cost price of an item, not the selling price. For e.g., The shopkeeper buys a shirt for ₹200 and sell it for ₹250. In general, profit and loss are expressed as a percentage. Profit and loss percentage are calculated on the cost price.

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